Airport (Arthur Hailey)

Level: upper-intermediate
Genre: thriller
Length: longest

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Chapter one — The Storm
Chapter two — Mel Bakersfeld
Chapter three — Tanya Livingston
Chapter four — Joe Patroni
Chapter five — The Blocked Runway
Chapter six — Vernon Demerest
Chapter seven — Out on the Airfield
Chapter eight — Cindy Gets Angry
Chapter nine — Keith Bakersfeld
Chapter ten — The Meeting in Meadowood
Chapter eleven — A Ruined Man
Chapter twelve — Joe Patroni Clears the Road
Chapter thirteen — Gwen
Chapter fourteen — Keith Remembers
Chapter fifteen — The Stowaway
Chapter sixteen — Mel's Argument with Vernon
Chapter seventeen — The Golden Argosy
Chapter eighteen — Guerrero Leaves Home
Chapter nineteen — Action at Meadowood
Chapter twenty — Joe Patroni Arrives
Chapter twenty one — In the Coffee Shop
Chapter twenty two — Guerrero Insures Himself
Chapter twenty three — Mrs Quonsett Escapes
Chapter twenty four — Take-Off
Chapter twenty five — Cindy's Decision
Chapter twenty six — Mrs Quonsett Enjoys Herself
Chapter twenty seven — Mel Meets Elliott Freemantle
Chapter twenty eight — The Search for Inez
Chapter twenty nine — The Plane on the Runway
Chapter thirty — Inez Loses Hope
Chapter thirty one — Danger for the Golden Argosy
Chapter thirty two — Vernon's Plan
Chapter thirty three — Emergency in the Air
Chapter thirty four — The People from Meadowood
Chapter thirty five — Return to Lincoln Airport
Chapter thirty six — The Runway Stays Blocked
Chapter thirty seven — Bringing Down Flight Two
Chapter thirty eight — Joe Patroni Tries Again
Chapter thirty nine — Landing
Chapter forty — Keith Says Goodbye
Chapter forty one — The End of the Storm