The Citadel (A.J.Cronin)

Level: advanced
Genre: novel
Length: longest


Chapter one — The New Doctor
Chapter second — Fever
Chapter three — The Sewer
Chapter four — A Visit to the School
Chapter five — Christine
Chapter six — Curing a 'Madman'
Chapter seven — Freddie Hamson
Chapter eight — Baby Morgan
Chapter nine — Joe Morgan's Cheque
Chapter ten — A New Post
Chapter eleven — The Move to Aberalaw
Chapter twelve — The System at Aberalaw
Chapter thirteen — TheVaughans
Chapter fourteen — Fighting the System
Chapter fifteen — A New Qualification
Chapter sixteen — Accident at the Mine
Chapter seventeen — Christmas
Chapter eighteen — The Rotten Bridge
Chapter nineteen — Experiments
Chapter twenty — An Offer of Work
Chapter twenty one — The Coal and Mines Board
Chapter twenty two — Measuring Bandages
Chapter twenty three — Andrew's First Practice
Chapter twenty four — Andrew Decides to Succeed
Chapter twenty five — New Patients
Chapter twenty six — The Nursing Home
Chapter twenty seven — Getting Rich
Chapter twenty eight — Denny Returns
Chapter twenty nine — Money from Mr Ivory
Chapter thirty — Lunch with Mr Stillman
Chapter thirty one — Mary Boland
Chapter thirty two — Harry Vidler's Operation
Chapter thirty three — A Change of Heart
Chapter thirty four — A Visit to Mr Stillman
Chapter thirty five — Mary Goes to Mr Stillman
Chapter thirty six — The Cheese from Mrs Smith
Chapter thirty seven — Plans for the Future
Chapter thirty eight — Andrew In Trouble
Chapter thirty nine — The Inquiry